Sunday, November 13, 2011

Frozen Fish ><((((°>

It gets cold in Florida? There's frost? We confirmed this fact on Saturday morning as Kate and I headed out to Amigos in Fort White to meet Harry. Most of the fields were frosted over and the temperature when I woke up in the morning read 34 degrees. Brrrr. Thankfully the springs are still around 70 degrees, so the only hard part is putting the wetsuit on (especially if it's wet from a previous dive...) and taking it off at the end of the dive. Kate and I jumped in for a beautiful dive at Troy in the morning. The water was crystal clear and we had the entire spring to ourselves. We explored from the bottom up, sticking our heads as close as we could to where the water comes out of the spring until it pushed us up and away then coming up in a spiral to explore all of the different nooks and crannies. But, upon getting out of the water and changing as quickly as possible into every layer I brought (and later wearing almost every layer Kate brought too), I immediately froze into a popsicle. Like the kind of cold that once it starts, it doesn't stop... inner core freezing means it's all over. So, basically I was out of the water for the rest of the day and not feeling so hott, so I documented Kate and Harry's entrance into Orange Grove below. They picked a great time to enter the water, seeing as the entire parking lot was full when we arrived and the sink looked like a hot tub with all of the bubbles from divers doing deco stops below. By the time they got in, Kate said they really only saw one other diver and there was beautiful visibility.

A tiny glimpse into the crystal clear water beneath the little layer of duckweek

This is Florida?! Waiting on the stairs of Orange Grove Sink while Harry and Kate explored 100 feet below... soooo sad to miss the dive... this is when you know I am FROZEN/sick :(

I took these two final pictures at Peacock Spring before we called it a day. Harry said the water level is the lowest he's ever seen it in 40 years. It was pretty crazy to see the remnants of an old rope swing that would send you flying into exposed rocks and see the stairs that end 4 feet above the water level. The small amount of water still makes for a pretty reflection though :) Sad to be missing the dive at 40 Fathom this morning, but recovery is necessary so I will wait until next weekend's adventures!

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