Sunday, November 6, 2011


 On Saturday, I trekked down to Orlando for the DEMA show at the Orange County Convention Center. DEMA apparently stands for Diving Equipment & Marketing Association and the show is essentially a massive gathering of people in the SCUBA industry/community. I started off the morning listening to Harry and other NASE representatives give presentations on the organization and give information to Instructor Trainers associated with NASE. I learned a lot about the organization and the improvements it is making regarding diver training. That lasted from 10-11:30 ish then we went down and explored the huge room with all of the booths. The size of the room and number of exhibitors was quite daunting... I think the room and number of people was probably similar to that of Manchester, MA...
This is me standing near the entrance of the huge showroom with a massive blowup diver. Behind me is a demo pool... unfortunately didn't get to actually go in the pool but saw a few people in it.
The show was really cool and I met some absolutely amazing people. It opened my eyes to a whole new dimension of underwater photography and videography and I tried on a drysuit that I hope will keep me warmer in the coming chillier months in the springs. Harry introduced me to diving legend Christina Zenato and also David and Dee who do breathtaking underwater videos and live by me in Gainesville. Made me sosooo excited to hop in the water next weekend. My first swim in the Y pool since my ear infection was this afternoon and it seemed fine, so hopefully I'm back on track for some more underwater adventures soon :)

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