Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Blue Grotto

After the longest surface interval I've had so far in Florida, Will and I headed to Williston to check out Blue Grotto. We went in the afternoon around 1 and happened to arrive just as everyone else was leaving, so we had the whole place to ourselves! The $40 entry fee was a little pricey compared to the $5 state parks, but the lady at the desk was helpful and chatty and there were bathrooms and nice picnic tables to set up our gear. Florida weather returned, bringing a bit of sun and mid-70s temperatures in January, so it was perfect diving conditions. We hopped in the water for a 35 minute explore to a max depth of about 60 feet where there is a cavern with nooks and crannies to explore. There is also a passageway down to 100 feet which is technically a cavern dive, but due to the easily stirred up silt and very dark passageway, we steered clear, at least for now! First test run with my new camera too, which was exciting...still so much to learn about it.

about to jump in. we had the whole place to ourselves!

Cool minnows were everywhere :)

The sun shining down into the grotto made for a beautiful view. I took this at a depth of ~25 feet.

Will taking lots of pictures... upside down...

Minnows at the 20 foot platform with some cool rainbow reflections.

All of my pictures are here. We missed Kate and Harry, who are both sick. Get well soon!!!