Friday, November 11, 2011

#5: Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge

King's Bay (3 Sisters Springs)

Went to these springs by pontoon boat (first pontoon boat ride ever!) after the morning manatee capture on Crystal River. Jumped in the water and saw 4 manatees, a snook, catfish, and 3 beautiful little springs. Lovely snorkel down the spring run and an amazing first time swimming with manatees... all on the job :)

Kind of looks like a rock... but it's a manatee...

3 Sisters is part of the King's Bay spring system, which is a first magnitude spring group... first  First Magnitude spring I've checked off in a while because of so much diving in other (awesome) places! For more pictures of the manatees/springs, see in&aroundTHEswamp .

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