Sunday, October 16, 2011

In the hood

Looking up at our bubbles headed to the surface. I actually took this picture last
 Saturday when the vis wasn't as clear as it was this weekend.
4 awesome dives today out at 40 Fathom with Mick's rescue diver class. In the morning, they guys took turns leading dives and teaching skills at the 40 foot platform while Mick and I made their lives difficult as he unstrapped their tanks, pretended to be confused, swam away, went too deep, and tried to kneel upside down on the platform. I "got lost and died" at the end of the first dive to simulate a rescue scenario. After a quick lunch break and my lips turning sufficiently more blue than they were after the first 2 dives, I borrowed a hood and put my gloves on and was much much happier in the afternoon... a hooded vest is definitely next on my diving wish list and I'll probably pick one up this week. The water is around 70 degrees, but when you're in all day, it definitely gets chilly.

During the first afternoon dive, the guys demonstrated 2 more skills underwater and we learned how to do "forward roll" entries. Aka basically doing a front flip entry off the dock in full SCUBA gear. Way more fun than a normal stride entry! During the last dive, we practiced controlled buoyant ascents and assisted ascents then I got to lead the group over to the motorcycle :) Another awesome Saturday at 40 Fathom... learning so much every dive and still working on my Divemaster. Loving every minute of it!

 Thanks to Harry for these pictures!
Gearing up in the afternoon... much warmer in the hood!!
Mick and me walking up the ramp
at the end of the day :)

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