Monday, October 10, 2011

154 Minutes

Columbus Day Weekend weather
above water: rainy and dreary and "cold" (70 degrees... it feels chilly after 100+ degree August temperatures).
underwater: it's wet anyway, so who cares (oh and it's 73 degrees.. warmer than the air)

The motorcycle... suspended at ~38 feet.
 Aka the rainy weather didn't keep me inside. I joined the CDA Instructor classes on Saturday and Sunday to act as a student and start working on my Divemaster certification and spent a total of 154 minutes underwater. On Saturday, I did 4 dives with Mick's group, each about 30 minutes long. My camera arrived from MA and I finally got to take some pictures!!! Each dive, 2 different students led, giving a briefing above water and then leading in the water. I learned a lot about how to brief people on the hazards of a particular area, tell them about the location, give them the dive plan, and lead them around safely underwater. I am excited to start practicing this in the weekends to come :)
The water temperature all weekend was 73 degrees (surface and bottom). On Saturday, we explored the "creature cave" (with the Stop sign and big spider), the wreckage of a nose-dived plane, the suspended motorcycle, and the sea biscuit fossils. On Sunday, I spent the better part of the day practicing skills with Reggie's Instructor class as they gave basic skill presentations then went on a fun dive to the bullseye platform at 120'. After diving, I got to try on some drysuits... got quite chilly after a few hours in the water and excited to give the drysuits a try even though when I left my giant black "asteroid suit" up north, I swore I'd never wear one again. I guess I just can't resist super flattering black suits (or any other expensive gear...).

Riding the motorcycle :)

Sea biscuit fossils (~30 million years old!!).

Sea biscuit wedged in place (for 30 million years...). So cool!

Stop sign at the creature cave... it got kind of silty after we all swam around it for a while.

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