Wednesday, August 31, 2011

#2: Ichetucknee Spring System (Blue Hole Spring and Cedar Head Spring) - 8/20/11

No pictures unfortunately but definitely going back to Blue Hole Spring (~10 minute walk down the boardwalk). A local taught me to free dive down the wall of the spring and save enough air/energy to make it down to the bottom (45 feet), swim around the cavern for a while, then shoot up to the surface. Opening to the spring is only a few meters across but opens up to a big cavern @ about 30 feet. Saw a baby snapping turtle and tons of fish (tiny minnoes, have to figure out what they're called) that I could pick up with my hands. Hang out within 1cm of the surface. Wore 3mm wetsuit. The way the light shoots down through the opening to the spring would make for amazing pictures. Stopped at Cedar Head (right next to the parking lot) on the way out but it was more crowded and pretty shallow. Not nearly as dramatic as Blue Hole and only had a few shallow crevices to poke your head into... worth the walk out to Blue Hole!

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