Monday, December 1, 2014

Somewhere over the rainbow

It was the coldest boiling water I had ever felt. One hundred and forty degrees colder, to be exact. The water boiled like witches brew in a giant cauldron as I hovered overhead, confused by the sight of boiling juxtaposed with the water that surrounded me like an icy blue blanket.
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Can you guess where I am? I am dressed in a suit and feel as though I’m flying, yet I’m not in outer space. Here, sunfish can fly and sand ripples appear to reflect overhead, as the wind etches patterns in the sky. It feels as though I’m on another planet, lost in a deep, blue slumber.

The need for air pulls me to the surface, reminding me that I am not dreaming. I am in fact on earth, and despite how crazy it sounds, it would also be accurate to say that I’m somewhere over the Rainbow.

Over Rainbow Springs, that is.

But for an hour, I let reality blend with dreams. As they become one in the same, we soar with the shad and explore the 72-degree boiling water that animates the sandy bottom. Water re-emerges from its underground lair, perhaps to start its journey back towards the sea, while drops careen from above, joining the journey.

We are in the middle where the waters meet. We play in the aquarium-like world, and when the boiling water becomes too cold to bear, we hesitantly morph from mermaids to mere mortals.

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