Monday, March 24, 2014

Mermaids & World Water Day

"Imagine you lived in water like a mermaid, how would you protect it and keep it healthy? Would you treat the environment differently than you do now?" ~Waterlust

 World Water Day was this past Saturday (March 22) and my awesome friends/fellow Brown alum at Waterlust posted this thought-provoking question along with the following short video teaser from a Florida springs shoot we did a few weeks ago. They are currently working their magic to produce the full-length version, coming soon!
 We are all inextricably tied to water, in many ways to the same extent as the mythical mermaids, and we must remember how each action that we take (or do not take) has an impact on our fragile and threatened water resources. Stay tuned for more on this topic, but for now, here's me as a mermaid and some water-wise thoughts to start your week!

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