Tuesday, July 31, 2012

One year later...

After almost a year in Florida, I have quite possibly spent more time underwater than above... here is a little lens into my world that I put together before heading out to sea for the past two weeks:


It's not high quality and doesn't include coverage from every place that I have dove or snorkeled, but it's definitely a start... in fact, I shot about half of it diving and swimming in the springs for fun on the weekends before officially starting with David and Dee at Valeo Films. I am so excited and enthusiastic about all that I have learned since shooting this and am already looking forward to improving both my shooting and editing skills. Footage was all shot with either a GoPro or my little SeaLife camera. I'm looking forward to more filming with the big fancy underwater cameras and many more explorations and adventures to come... cave and cavern training starts soon now that we're back on land for a few weeks. Check out our latest adventure in the Bahamas on my "Passion to Profession" blog :)

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