Sunday, February 5, 2012

#7 (Volusia) Blue Spring (sort of...)

For fear of being arrested, fined, and thrown in jail, we did not actually swim in Volusia Blue. But at some times of the year you can! It was worth the trip though because there were 127 manatees in the spring run that day!! There were quite a few other people milling around and making ridiculous comments about the manatees (such as a lady in the background of one of the videos I took: "ooh do you think they're scaly?" ??!?). And practically every small child there had a stuffed manatee toy from the big gift shop on site. It was a lot more like being at Ginnie or Ichetucknee in the summer in terms of the number of people there but it was still amazing to see that many manatees in one spot and to show Monica her first manatee :) :)

Booo :(

Rolling around in the mud right below our feet! Apparently (according to Ken) this is a mating behavior.

Pilo 'o manatee

Monica checking out the manatees :)

We walked out the boardwalk a ways and saw the actual spring. Looks like an awesome dive... so hard to not jump off the edge. There weren't even any manatees around it, grrr

Sooo saddd :(

Cute little guy

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